Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Equites Legiones

Legions in the Principate era had 120 cavalry attached who acted as messengers, scouts and who provide an escort for the Legate.  In my 1:20 scale legion this equates to 6 miniatures, give 'em a click! 


Equites legiones probably weren't terribly effective cavalry, perhaps not of the same high quality of the Auxiliary Alae, but the jobs must have been sought after as they were rather better paid than legionaries.  Like the original Equites Legiones, my Equites will be brigaded with similar cavalry, such as the integral cavalry from the Auxiliary Infanty cohorts, to form bigger formations for use on the battlefield.

These are all Black Tree Design Miniatures, who make the best larger EIR cavalry (although beware, their horse moulds are shot, loads of flash).  They were very nicely painted for me by a painter friend of Dr. Simon's, who is currently churning out a lot of EIRs for me.  I added a little highlighting, an army painter wash, varnish, basing and the writing on the standard.  Job done...
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