Saturday, 5 March 2011

"Whilst the Balance of his Mind was Disturbed"

Early this week I was scoffing painkillers like smarties, whilst browsing eBay, and I did something I would never normally consider; hit a "buy it now" for an army in a new period.

I now own 5 battalions of Victrix Napoleonic French Line and 3 regiments of Hussars.  The minis I bought are quickly painted, using army painter I'd judge, but not badly executed and good value for money.  With a little TLC they will look fine (nothing like as good as RTB's or Saxon Dog's, though!).  Mon ami Greg is also pursuing a similar project, nice painting there, too.  These are the first modern plastics I've owned; disconcertingly light.  But nice.

My plan is to round this force out with some artillery and a regiment of heavy cavalry, and use it with Command and Colors Napoleonics.  My intention is that this will only ever be a side project to my ancients...
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