Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Gratianenses iuniores

This is a regiment of Late Roman infantry known as the Gratianenses Iuniores, from the Magister Peditum's Italian command.  They are Auxilia Palatina- well hard!  The photo is clickable.

The minis are all Black Tree's painted by Shaun (Redzed), I merely did a little work on the shield designs, some weathering and based.  They came out really well and I'm shortly going to pick up some other units from Shaun to join my swelling Late Roman army.

In other news... mate Millsy is very kindly laying out the print version of  "To the Strongest!", which is coming on brilliantly and in the meanwhile I've been working on the army lists.   

Today I posted an updated version of the "Late Antiquity" army lists, filling gaps with new Herul and Later Visigoth lists. This booklet contains the Later Romans, Early Byzantines and their enemies. I've edited all the lists in this booklet to make them ready for the April release of v1.1 of the rules. These include changes included the return of the pila* (shock missiles) to baggage. You can download the lists for free from:

I also updated some of the Medieval lists.  Later this week I plan to update the lists in the "Rome's Empire" booklet.

*Shock missiles are like javelins but thrown as the legionaries (or Franks) charge into contact, potentially disordering their enemies.

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