Thursday, 3 April 2014

Play testers needed!

I have written a set of ancient wargaming rules, called “To the Strongest!”, which I use for all of the regular weekly games I play with mates, and to run the big games I run at shows.  I am looking for some remote play testers to read and play them and give me some feedback. 

The rules have been designed to give novices an easy entertaining introduction to ancient wargaming, whilst as the same time providing seasoned gamers with a challenging battle that can comfortably be won or lost within an evening.

They are unusual in that no dice, at all, are used.  Instead, an innovative (and fun) mechanic uses playing cards to activate units, which can potentially move or fight multiple times during a turn.  A simple square grid enables the game to move at a cracking pace, and also means that battles can be fought with figures based for any system (WAB, WRG or Impetus).

If you have a couple of ancient armies (small or medium-sized ones will be fine) and a mate or two, and have the time to have a crack at them and give me some feedback, please email me at the email address on the header of this blog.  At this stage I want to send out around half-a-dozen sets, so that I can cope with the feedback.

Cheers, Simon
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