Sunday, 20 April 2014

A question of scale

Around two years back, I decided that I would adopt a smaller representative scale on my legions. With 100 men to a legion, as below, I'd be able to build enough of them to re-fight the larger Civil War battles to which I aspire.

For some weeks I've been painting legionaries, and I'm making really good progress on two new legions. New figures are rolling off the production line at a rate of knots. 

In fact I am making such good progress, that it has struck me that I could, potentially, increase the size of the legions to 125 figures each (a 1:40 scale). I'd only need to paint another 100 minis or so in order to bring my forces up to this revised strength, and then I would be able to deploy the legions in a triple line, rather than the double line above. At the same time, I could take the opportunity to re-base some of the older figures to my new, improved standard, 8 figures to a 60 x 50mm base.

This has to be done... after Partizan, perhaps for SELWG.
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