Monday, 4 November 2013

Rump of the British chariots

Here are the rump of the first wave of chariots.

Above, chariot 3 from behind.  This one is entirely Wargames Factory, except for Foundry horses.

Above and below, chariot 4.  Factory passenger, Foundry driver, Newline ponies.

Above, chariot 5.  Renegade passenger.  This one is designed to be viewed from behind; it'll face away from the Romans and depict a retreating chariot- the plan is that the chariots will be going in all directions...

Above 6; all Factory, except Foundry horses.

Above 7.  Possibly my favourite; Black Tree charioteer (generously donated by Streetline), and Renegade passenger. The chariot colours on this one, are lovely .   

And finally number 8.  Foundry passenger.  The Green came out very well.

The Wargames Factory chariots, as supplied, are not very realistic, but there is a lot of really good material in the box, once the less useful bits have been discarded. A huge thanks to Nick Speller who painted all of the riders, his tartan is superb! One last special chariot to follow tomorrow or Thursday....
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