Monday, 5 September 2011

More Spiffing Romans

I swappped some stuff with Einar-Olafson Painting's Andres around the same time as he painted yesterday's Command figures, and the figures he gave me included around 20 Copplestone Caesarians, around half of which were completely finished, and the balance at least 60% there.  He has mentioned that he painted these some years ago, but the standard of painting is excellent (far better than I am capable of), particularly the shields.

I've done my best to finish the unit in a similar style.  I painted a standard bearer, completed the unfinished minis (saving a few of Andres' unarmoured legionaries for a later unit), and based.  Luckily there were just enough hand painted shields for the unit.  Click to see the details.

One small departure on basing; 20mm depth just isn't enough to do justice for these Copplestone  figures, so they are now the only unit in all my armies on 25mm depth bases.  They won't be the last, I'll do this for the whole  of the next legion (my third Caesarian).

I really  like the subtle variations in the shield designs (above).   Most of my Caesarians have plain shields, and I think of the figures with ornate shields, such as these, as being in the Praetorian bodyguards of leaders such as Octavian and Mark Antony.

These are by some measure my best-painted legionaries!
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