Saturday, 14 August 2010

Mike's Pikes

Mike on TMP (LEGION 1950) has kindly sent me some photos of a little army he and Mary have knocked together, in Chicago.

Above is a (clickable) collage showing much of the army, which appears to be mostly Foundry.  The army is so large that I couldn't fit all the photos in the frame, and so the photos of the right wing are missing.

The phalanx is extremely imposing!  A total of 12 x 32 man units.  Quite a wall of lead... I like the impact of all the lowered pikes, although all my own will be vertical for storage reasons.

I gather that there are 96 Companion cavalry, alone!

This looks like Alexander, to me.

There must be around 800 miniatures in the army, in total, and from what I can see they are almost all Foundry; by far the largest Macedonian army I've seen.  Very impressive.
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