Saturday, 7 August 2010

Batavian Intermission

This afternoon I'm finishing the basing of the Raetians, who are looking very fine.  However, my enthusiasm for all things Auxiliary continues unabated, and I'm hoping to finish one more unit before my hols.  This will be Cohors II Batavorum Eq., comrades of Cohors I which I painted last year, and my 6th unit of auxiliary infantry.

I bought 15 minis on eBay which are painted to a fair standard.  They will need to be substantially repainted but which will give me a head start.  The other 9 minis are a mix of Black Tree, Foundry and Crusader  to add a little variety.  I also intend to do a little work on Cohors I to help it to better match some of the succeeding units.
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