Thursday 31 August 2023

Late Knight Progress


I'm close to finishing a couple of units of dismounted later knights (above) that, most unusually, I mostly painted myself. They are intended to be generic men-at-arms for those tricky moments when a unit of later knights is better off on foot (perhaps when there are nellies about!). The unit I fielded at Britcon performed rather well; in one game, cutting its way right through the heart of the enemy army.

These are all Perry plastics, with some slight conversions. The original figures I painted were a bit too "shiny" and well armoured, so I've mixed in a bunch of scruffier chaps in brigandines and riding boots with a selection of weapons including pole-arms and a few bows. I'll take a proper photo when they are flocked and bannered. For the banners- I'm thinking Wars of the Roses. Something heavily folded so one can't make it out particularly well, so it fits the generic concept. :-)

PS To the Strongest! and FK&P are both currently up for voting in the Yarkshire World Cup on Facebook- both votes ,are too close to call, at the time of writing. If you'd like to vote for either (or, indeed, for their opponents) you can find them here (TtS!) or here (FK&P).

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  1. Simon,

    For the banners, why not go for something removable?

    I've heard of gamers who have the actual flags mounted on a sleeve which fits over the flag pole so can be switched out. Lots of plastic and metal tubing available.....

    BTW got hold of some Rapier Impala riders, Bolo lizards and a solitary high Llama - beautiful if pricey figures!



Thanks for commenting. I will post this as soon as I am able to review it.