Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Shiny, shiny

This week I've added "victory medals" to my shop; these are the same replica Roman coins that I use for my own games.

They are cast in lead-free pewter, and the gold ones are gold plated!  Initially I've purchased Caesarian and Late Roman coins, but should they prove popular I will add dark age and medieval coins, so one can theme medals to a particular army. They can be found here:

Of course, one could also use the chocolate coins as we did recently at the Benson tournament... 

In other news, this week I've been very busy working on v1.1 of "To the Strongest!" This will be a free update of the rules for those who have already bought them, and the basis of the print version of the rules which I hope to have published before Salute.  The rules will be very similar to the current version, but I'm adding additional examples, diagrams and some new troop types (war wagons!). I am keen to run these past people for comment (and to spot errors); if you are interested in seeing them, please drop me a line via my email address on the blog.
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