Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Veteran Ala

This ala of Roman cavalry will join the Impetus-based Early Imperial Roman army that I've building in spare moments between other projects.

I painted the Gripping Beast riders at least a decade ago, but they looked too small alongside the larger minis in my main EIR army, and consequently have languished unloved in a storage box for at least five years.  

They are, however, perfect for my new, smaller, EIR army. I decided that, just for a change, it would be fun to base them mostly on standing horses, and I found some foundry models on fleaBay.

I incorporated a casualty figure and a dead horse from the bits box; this poor wounded fellow is appealing to his colleagues for help, but they too busy, as preparing to charge.

I'm now past half way with this army.  A couple more elements each of cavalry and legionaries, and a general or two, should see it ready for the field!
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