Monday, 28 March 2011

Coh. I Legio Secunda Traiana Fortis

My first Middle Imperial Roman unit (pictures clickable; worth it for the LBMS shields...).  I bought these painted on fleaBay, painted one more mini to match, replaced the shields and rebased.  Whoever originally painted them was very talented.  I aspire to a small army... some II Parthians, Lanciarii and a unit with the Dura Europos shield.

My impressions of the A&A miniatures are very favourable. I've ordered (and received) some more.  Minis that look somewhat dubious on their Website, are actually very nice in the hand...  Most or all of the Romans were sculpted by Aventine Adam, I believe.

Now I can't decide whether to paint another pretty unit of MIRs, or some French Napoleonic artillery, by way of a change.  Tough call...
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