Sunday, 15 August 2010

Batavian Progress

Here are some progress shots of my second Batavian cohort.  I've finished repainting (below) the 15 minis I bought on eBay; they have come out very nicely, indeed, and the fact they were bought painted probably saved me 4 or 5 nights work.  In the background is the first cohort; I judge that the reinforcements are a little better painted.

Below are 9 other miniatures that will add a little variety; Crusader, Blacktree and Foundry.  They should be finished tonight or, more likely, tomorrow.

Iron Mitten is painting some Batavians, too.  His are perhaps a little earlier in period and, judging from the cartoon, will have oodles of character.  I also aspire to doing an earlier cohort along the lines of these; one day...
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