Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Eye's have it

I've completed finishing and basing the second unit of Carthaginian Levy (above), these are minis mass-painted by Greg, and detailed and based by myself.  This time I spent an extra 15 minutes on painting in the eyes.

After listening to the comments on the previous unit, I decided to go with as small a white dot as I could manage, and then to apply a dark ink in the eye socket and up to the brim of the helmet.  The left element (above) is from the new unit; the right is from the the original.  I'm pleased with the effect when viewed from a distance.  I feel that the "new" eyes are quite effective, from a distance; so I gave the unit an appropriate stantard!

I'm going to leave the remaining Numidian foot until reinforcements arrive from Paris, and sort the cavalry.  The above 24 minis will roughly double the size of my Numidian horse.  I was lucky enough to purchase 9 part-painted on eBay which has given me a head start!
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